Fiscalliberal Introduction

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Simplified Monetary and Fiscal activities for Financial Crisis

Discussion of tepid recovery of Economy 

We need to realize that the economic recovery is very slow since 2008.  The Free Market economy is not capable of self starting for full employment.

This article provides a layperson’s view of monetary and fiscal stimulus which are the economic theory options available to improve the economy. Based on the material here we should have some insight to what is happening and form our own opinions of the utility of government and Central Bank (FED)

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SMART GRID The New Energy Policy

Overview of New Energy Concepts in the U.S.

 The objective of this article is to provide a layman’s perspective of how the Smart Grid program being implemented will produce clean and efficient energy. Some members of Congress continually castigate the government for not having a energy policy. We need to understand that oil production is much higher now. Also natural gas released due to fracking is at all-time highs, holding the price of natural gas down. Coal fired power plants are converting to natural gas., ripping out the rail which delivered coal. Moreover, the administration has opened up vast area’s of Federal Lands. The difference is that if the oil company sits on the leases, they are taken back and sold to people who will produce immediately.

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Fiscalliberal Topic inks

This page will provide links to the subject matter listed. We need to remember that the Fiscal Crisis was the result of the government cutting back on regulation allowing the financial system free reign with no threat of consequences. We will find regarding the Financial Crisis that 1)Clinton enabled it, 2) Bush implemented it and 3) Obama is maintaining it. Nobody is being prosecuted for fraud despite the misrepresentation in the Financial Industry and the devastation to a lot of innocent people.

The President, the Republicans and the Democrats are being bought off by the banks on a unsustainable track. The original Tea Partiers are mad as hell. They do not know what is wrong, but they were affected and are striking out.  

So –  this blog is created to provide substantiated explanations of what happened. I say substantiated because there is a lot of misinformation. I always like to quote Senator Patrick Moynihan; You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts.

This page will provide links to the different articles on this blog  

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Recent Posts

Roosevelt Bank Holiday

 Below  information pertaining to the start of Dodd Frank Regulation

Federal Financial Reform Progress

Below  link graphs out the current state of the debt and deficit. It provides a discussion on the growth of these two items from

US Debt Revisited

Below  discusses the Congressional Report on what caused the Financial Collapse – Warren Commision

FCIC Report is very Illuminating

Below  discusses the complet collapse of the financial regulatory System before the financial crisis. This is a clear example of getting the government out. The financial system collapsed withink 7 years


Below  provides definition and discussion of the role of Derivatives which were responsible for part of the major financial collapse in 2008

Derivatives the Dark Market

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Roosevelt Bank Holiday-Bold action and communication


Can we repeat History ?????

During the depression my very Republican Catholic mother in law grew up on a northernWisconsin small farm in the depression. She had two dresses to attend school.

She told me that things were so bleak the only hope was the fire side chat on the radio. She said you had a sense of hope after Rooseveltspoke.

It would serve us well to look at the immediate response from Roosevelt upon election; One has to think Fresh Idea’s, action and Communication


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Federal Financial Reform Progress


I had originally put this together last July and had it in Draft. I got busy doing a lot of reading and will start updating on more general topics. However, I am going to publish this to enable retention of the information and a future reference to see how we have progressed.

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US Debt Revisited


A lot has been said regarding how large the Federal Debt is and how unsustainable it is. It I interesting to go back and look at the historical record. Data source is Historical Tables which are available on Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website.. OMB is the presidents accounting organization. A wide range of information is available under Historical Records. This article focuses on Table 7.1 – Federal Debt at the end of the year 1940 to 2016. Click that entry and you get a down load of a excel spread sheet with a lot of information.

I do not do well in interpreting numerical tables. I like to plot them out to get a idea of what they are saying. We will only plot total debtin nominal terms and as a % of GDP. On the chart I confirm the recent years Federal Debt as reported by the Treasury.

Comments on the chart:

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